Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Henry's 4th Batman Birthday

When I was pregnant with my December baby, a few people told me it was unfortunate that my baby's birthday was so close to Christmas, but I never saw it that way. I loved having a newborn in the house at Christmas time and a December birthday is exciting because it feels like the whole city is buzzing with happiness. A birthday in December means Christmas lights, glitter, good tunes and flannel pajamas!

Mother Nature even got in on the holiday spirit this year and decorated our outdoor party venue with a thick layer of fluffy, sparkling snow.

The forest transformed into Gotham City as nine little Batmans raced around the woods in search of chocolate gold coins that were stolen from the evil Riddler. The crime fighters worked as a team to decipher his riddles that eventually led them to the stolen treasure.

When the kids got hungry, we roasted hot dogs over the campfire. Homemade potato salad, pasta salad and cheesies were also on the lunch menu.

When it was time to warm up, we went inside our cozy cabin for chocolate cake and to open presents. I also had a hot chocolate station set up inside for the kids with different toppings to choose from; whipped cream, marshmallows and birthday sprinkles.

December is probably the best month to have a birthday. Even birthday decorations have a holiday flair to them!

Happy 4th Birthday Henry!

Always be yourself sweet boy. Unless you can be Batman. Then always be Batman.

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  1. Wow! Cold and Batman! A perfect combination for a kid’s birthday party and I must say that it definitely looks like one of the best event locations for it. I must also look for an outdoor place for my daughter’s birthday celebration. Happy birthday to the little one!