Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Sun is New Each Day

We have returned home from our epic road trip to New Brunswick. Driving across the country with two young kids in tow was quite the adventure. My Forest School Practitioner's Course was held at the warm and magical Tir na nog Forest School in Sussex. Every morning, we would retreat to our own "sit spots" in the woods to quietly reflect. All we had to do was sit. This daily meditation in nature was just what I needed to feed my spirit.

Tree Weaving
One afternoon, an Aboriginal Elder taught our class and I had the honour of participating in a beautiful smudging ceremony. Aboriginal pedagogy of storytelling is a subject I have previously studied at performing arts college and I hope to continue to grow and learn in this art form.

I learned a number of outdoor skills including; how to tie knots, make fire without matches and how to use a variety of tools. I even made my own mallet out of a log I found in the forest.

The program covered the Forest School philosophy, a variety of play-based learning theories, risk assessments and more. Taking the Forest School Practitioner's Course was the opportunity of a lifetime and truly a life changing experience for me. I have a year of course work ahead of me, but my Forest School adventure has officially begun!

More to come on that later...

While I was at Forest School every day, Mike and the kids were busy exploring Fundy National Park. We camped in an oTENTik, which is a cross between a tent and a cabin. Henry and Rosie hiked the Dickson Falls and Caribou trails, found hermit crabs and sea glass during low tide, discovered a zip line park to play in and enjoyed picnics and ice cream on the beach.

Rosie fell asleep in my arms by the warmth of the campfire almost every night. I soaked in the extra baby snuggles.

We enjoyed a lobster dinner on a picnic table with an ocean view. For dessert we ate a bag of local salt water taffy while we watched the tide rise under a full moon.

Our babies went swimming in the ocean for the first time, made new friends and built a dragon in the sand with seashell teeth.

I am so thankful for the experience we had out East. It was beautiful-all of it. Ok. Most of it. We did have that one incident where Mike ended up in the hospital due to food poisoning, but I'll spare you the details. He was as good as new after getting fluids and anti nausea medication through an IV. I told you, it was an unforgettable trip! I learned a lot, felt a lot and met so many inspiring people that share the same passion as me. 

More summer adventures await!


  1. What an amazing experience for you all! Congrats on taking the steps towards this fulfilling dream of yours. It sounds very exciting.

  2. The Forest school fascinates me and I have checked out some of their areas in one of their other locations. I was considering sending my little ones to it, but unfortunately we moved away and they do not have one in our new town.