Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Summer Getaway

On our drive up to the cottage, Mike said he had a feeling Henry would catch a pike over the long weekend. And he did! Our three-year-old reeled it in all by himself too. Oh, he was proud!

Our Canada Day began with an adventure in our green canoe in search of my spirit animal, the loon and ended with a firework display off the end of our dock. We wore our red and white with pride.

More summer happiness in my favourite place with my favourite people:

Nature walks with my forest pixie in search of wildflowers. She pauses to smell daisies.

Hunting for frogs with my nature boy.

Playing peekaboo while we paddle.

Our summer getaways continue this weekend with a camping trip to Bon Echo Provincial Park. When I was twelve, my best friend's parents took me on my first camping trip to Bon Echo. We slept under the stars, cooked our meals over bonfires and traveled in kayaks to investigate the famous pictographs. I don't know if her parents know this, but the experience was life changing because it opened a new window to the outdoors for me. Life will come full circle as Rosie's first camping experience will also be at Bon Echo.

Gone Camping!


  1. I love Bon Echo! It's such a beautiful spot! Have fun! !

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