Thursday, February 25, 2016

It's Not a Diet

Over the past few months, my husband has been having painful indigestion. The only way he could get relief was if he drank three quarters of a bottle of a chalky pink over the counter medication. Meanwhile, I am hypothyroid and I recently had to increase my medication and that wasn't sitting well with me. After some research, I decided we were going to do the Whole30 program together.

There is no calorie counting and you're not allowed to step on a scale. We've stripped inflammatory foods (sugar, grains, dairy and legumes) from our diet and are allowing our bodies to heal and recover from the effects those foods may be causing. We're on Day 9 of the program and Mike hasn't had indigestion at all! Meanwhile, I have a lot more energy and my unexplained aches and pains are gone completely. Here are some of the meals we've been eating on the Whole30. Ingredients include; meat, seafood, vegetables, fruit and good fats.

Breakfast: Eggs, kale, sweet potato hash and berries.

Lunch: Salad

Dinner: Chicken curry with cauliflower "rice".

When I am eating whole foods, I am never hungry. Everything has been delicious too. Also, I am currently in a 5K Running Room clinic and since starting the Whole30, my legs never feel like lead. I can't wait to see how we feel on Day 30. I promise to update you on our results.

And some more moments we've been enjoying:

My article Dip or Don't in the Babywearing Cult has been published in the spring issue of Ottawa Family Living Magazine. It's on newsstands now, but you can read it online here.

Baby's first booties. Yes, they have roses on them!

I gave up Facebook for Lent this year. I even gave Mike permission to change my password because I didn't trust myself. Pathetic right? I plan to write more on this subject in the future, but I will say I feel more relaxed and patient when I am engaging in the real world. Speaking of Lent, our Easter gift project is underway. We planted those seeds two days ago. Look at em' grow!

Forest School drop-off with these two silly kids. Nature is our theme. All day. Every day.

Feeling grateful for good food, a healthy husband and happy kids.

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