Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Carousel of Life

My mom recently showed me a black and white photograph from her third birthday party and pointed out how my late grandmother, June, had curled her hair, put a special pin on her birthday dress and made her a carousel cake from scratch.

"Look how much my mother loved me," she said as she smiled at the photograph.

That struck a chord with me.

Everyone knows, I love to plan a party. I like making my own place cards and loot bags. Choosing a colour pallet and ordering balloons excites me and picking out a special birthday dress for Rosie made me happy! Some say parties are getting to be too much, but I believe all the hard work I put into these celebrations is my love made visible. I hope one day, my kids will show these pictures to my great-grandchildren and say, "look how much our mother loved us."

I made carousel place cards for the table and lasagna for dinner. Cotton candy cocktails and buttery popcorn made it feel like we were really at a carnival!

And just because every carnival has a creepy clown. Pin the Nose on Bozo.

Carousel Cake. It's not perfect, but it's homemade!

Ballerina pops were our party favours. A huge hit with the kids!

The perfect paper to wrap her first baby doll in.

Forget party hats! Only a real flower crown for this forest pixie. She kept is on all night.

It is amazing how much growth happens in the first year of life. First breath, first smile, first food, first steps and first birthday party.

Today was beautiful. The gathering of family. The celebration of our Rosemary June.

Our birthday girl enjoyed her cake and received lots of love and cuddles from all her favourite people. I thought my heart would burst from taking it all in.

Happy 1st Birthday, Rosie June!

You can read Rosemary's birth story here. My article VBAC: I Did It! was published in Ottawa Family Living Magazine in 2015 and can be read online here.

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