Thursday, December 31, 2015

Making Lemonade

We had to cancel our New Years Eve plans this year because Henry got sick. Poor kid had a temperature of 105 degrees and was hallucinating. We took him to CHEO, where they were able to get his fever under control. Thankfully, he has recovered, but I decided to keep him home a few more days to rest up. Despite having to cancel our plans, I wanted to make New Years Eve special for my family. I bought cheesy party hats, greasy Chinese food and a small chocolate cake. Everyone wore their cozy pajamas to dinner and the take-out was served on my great-grandmother's fancy china.

We put candles on the cake and made wishes for 2016. Candles in cake aren't just for birthdays you know! Later, we dug through the fortune cookies, expecting something profound or beautiful.

Mike's fortune
Henry's cookie held the last fortune and it said "You are loved by everyone."

"Yep!" he responded enthusiastically. I love that he understands the scope of his good fortune.

Wishing you a healthy and Happy New Year, friends!

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