Tuesday, September 8, 2015

More Memories Made

I am inspired when I drop everything and pack up the kids for a trip to the cottage. The contrast of country living against our everyday routine in the city feels adventurous and special.

I didn't understand until I had Henry and Rosemary-the impact of all the summer traditions my mom created for us. When my siblings and I get together, we often recall childhood memories from the cottage. We remember the time my brother caught a giant frog. Snorkeling until our fingertips shriveled like raisins. Building forts and setting booby traps. Learning to swim in the lake and eating mom's homemade meals at the picnic table.

I want their childhood to be full of memories of the cottage. I hope my kids remember how we soaked up the end of summer with long afternoon swims and late-night barbecues. I hope they remember the early morning nature walks and the smell of the campfire.


  1. You're such a good mama. And love the new header! Did mike whip that up for you?

  2. Thanks Sarah! He did-it was time for a change!