Saturday, August 15, 2015


It was the end of an era!

I said goodbye to my roaring twenties by hosting a murder mystery dinner party. My friends and I got gussied up and celebrated in style.


The "Dressed to Kill Award" was presented to cigarette girl, Cindy Butt, for her impeccable costume. Her fabulous fashion sense blew the other guests at the Juice Joint away!

My speakeasy was the ritziest club in town!

The flapper dresses shimmered and sparkled and the champagne flowed! In addition to the night of mystery and murder, the dames and fellas enjoyed cocktails, homemade lasagna and vanilla cake.

I blew out birthday candles and made big big wishes.

I was spoiled with so much love and laughter.

Today marks my first day into a new decade and I'm excited for what it holds. I am extremely grateful and hopeful as I turn the next page.

I am fulfilled and inspired.

I am happily thirty.

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  1. I will always remember the re-lighting of candles, haha. Happy birthday!!!