Monday, June 8, 2015

Rain and Sunshine

I opened my window this morning and welcomed a misty breeze that carried the scent of summer. I debated going to my Running Room clinic, but I didn't want to miss the motivational speaker, so I put the kids in their rain gear and we headed out the door. I ran my way through shallow puddles and laughed as the warm rain fell heavier. We got drenched, but it was wonderful, really. After the run, I unleashed the toddler into puddles that begged to be jumped in. Henry was delighted that I participated too. Rain is beautiful, but I do love my sunshine!

Here are some recent bright moments:

At four months postpartum, I crossed the finish line of a 5K race with a big smile!

We threw my sister-in-love a Canadian party to celebrate her new permanent residence status. It looked like the first of July!

Our balcony garden is growing. I added fresh basil to our salad last night and this morning we had straight-from-the-garden chives in our scrambled eggs.

Hello, Sunshine!

More sunny days to come.

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