Thursday, June 11, 2015

Find the Note

When I was in college, I walked to my car after class one day and saw a parking ticket stuck to my windshield. Infuriated, I grabbed the piece of paper and got behind the wheel. It was indeed a nice surprise when, after just a couple of months of dating, I realized it was a heartfelt note from Mike titled Find the Note. I love that note. It's all wrinkled and worn now because I've read it so many times. Over the past ten years, my collection of Find the Note notes has grown and they never cease to make me laugh. Reason # 116 why I love my husband.

 Four years ago today.

It was the most perfect day ever! Since then, we've had a crazy amount of fun and welcomed two beautiful babies. We're celebrating tonight with our first date night since Rosemary was born. I even bought a new dress for the occasion. It will be wonderful to come home all relaxed and full to happy babies who were spoiled by their Mimi and Poppa.

Happy Anniversary, babe!

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