Thursday, March 19, 2015

Baby Moon

I know that many see the newborn stage as challenging and exhausting, but I happen to love it. After both my children were born, I embraced the postpartum concept of the "baby moon". For the first few days, I tried to stay in bed and focus on resting and breastfeeding. I wore pretty new nursing nightgowns and ate nutritious homemade meals. I wasn't in entertaining mode, but my friends and family were invited for short visits. Having a baby is hard work and I believe it's important to honour the recovery period.

Rosemary and Mama ready for Parent and Baby Fitness Class!

For the first six weeks, I stayed close to home and got acquainted with my new baby. While I was in no hurry to rejoin the world, we did venture out for daily walks around the neighbourhood. I'm happy I allowed myself the time and space to nourish my body, mind and soul. My postpartum baby moon gave me the time I needed to become the expert of my own baby. It has been an incredible new beginning for my family!

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