Sunday, February 15, 2015

Party of Four

A lot of people have been asking how the transition of life-with-one-kid to life-with-two kids has been like for me.

Is it difficult? How is Henry coping?

In two weeks, I've learned the following: Rosemary is an easy baby. I remembered that I love the newborn stage. My home has remained clean and pretty organized thanks to a chore list I posted on my fridge. Synchronized naps are not a myth! Leaving the house with two children is a challenge and will take practice. Toddlers will let you know when they need extra cuddles by saying things like "put Rosie in her crib."

Henry's fingers and Rosie's toes.

There are days when we bake a batch of cupcakes and follow it with an afternoon of crafts. And then there are some days when Rosie spits up on my last clean shirt and I feel guilty for allowing Henry to watch too much t.v. Life is about balance and I know everything will even out eventually.

My three favourite tips that have helped me survive the transition of life-with-one-kid to life-with-two kids:

1. Give extra attention to the older sibling. When I was pregnant, I gathered up a few things I would need that would allow me to do some fun projects with Henry after the baby arrived. Painting and Play-Doh has been a big hit!

2. Accept help. I am so blessed to have such an amazing family and close friends. Not only have they dropped off meals for us, but they also entertain Henry. This gives me the chance to focus on Rosemary without feeling guilty that he isn't getting enough attention.

3. Savour the baby because the newborn stage is a fleeting moment in time. I'm never too busy to cuddle Rosie, drink in her milky exhales and kiss her soft chubby cheeks. I cherish our late night nursing sessions and I love the way her tiny hand curls around my index finger. There is something so peaceful about mothering a newborn.

So, how has the transition of life-with-one-kid to life-with-two kids been like?

There is definitely more laundry and less sleep, but a lot more love!


  1. That last picture totally shows what she looks like! (I was beginning to wonder if this mythical sleeping baby ever opened her eyes!)

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