Monday, December 8, 2014

Christmas Cheer

All aboard the Polar Express!

I had been planning to take Henry to the Vintage Village of Lights in Cumberland for weeks. Eager to start a new family tradition, I stuffed Henry in his snowsuit, packed a snack and out the door we went. On the short drive to the Cumberland Heritage Museum, I imagined all the fun we'd have visiting Santa in his workshop and roasting marshmallows by the campfire. However, Henry was a bit miserable from skipping his afternoon nap. Sure, we shivered in the cold and had to pick up our crying toddler, but we made the best of it (and one helluva Christmas memory.) We went on a wagon ride, sent Henry's wish list to Santa via telegram, decorated gingerbread and admired the 30,000 Christmas lights.

Christmas is just weeks away and there are so many things to do to make it special. Recently, we made a trip to Santa's Workshop. Henry marched right up to him and confidently told him he would like "candy please" for Christmas. However, when it came to sitting on Santa's lap, Henry lost it. Mama to the rescue!

Then there's Santa's Parade of Lights. We warmed our hands with hot chocolate and watched the brightly-lit floats pass by. Henry loved the big trucks, the Christmas music and the elves that handed out candy canes.

I can't help but be excited. Henry makes Christmas all the more magical. When I see the sparkle in his eyes, I feel like a little kid again. 

More cheerful news:

My article Life Lessons From Grandparents was published in the winter issue of Ottawa Family Living Magazine. It's on newsstands now, but you can also read the story online here.

And planning for Henry's 2nd birthday party is in full swing!

More to come...

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