Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Thankoween Crafts and More!

We got our craft on this week in preparation for Thanksgiving and Halloween. Handprint crafts are perfect for toddlers and are a great way to preserve those chubby little fingers. My fridge is so festive!

Exhibit A: The popular handprint turkey.

Exhibit B: Halloween crafts. Franken-tastic if you ask me.

Speaking of handprints, this boy has left a handprint on my heart.

An organic farm in the Gatineau Hills hosted a Fall Fest this week and Henry spent the afternoon running through fields and exploring the farm on a tractor ride. Ferme et Foret harvests spinach, squash, wild plums, forest mushrooms and maple syrup. Their goal is to integrate nature and people through food. It was a cool afternoon, but we had a great time outdoors and warmed up with a hot bowl of chili and a piece of maple pie. 

Another free event we enjoyed this week was the Annual Biology Butterfly Show at Carleton University. The show features 1,300 butterflies and runs until October 13th. I wasn't sure how Henry would feel about the butterflies...

In the end, I think he really enjoyed it. Honest! He even tried to get the butterflies to land on his orange peel.


Cue transition to pregnancy...

The butterfly pose actually happens to be my favourite prenatal yoga position. It's a great hip-opener and improves your posture. With my third trimester just two weeks away, I've been dedicating more time to my practice. Time is flying!

Namaste, friends!


  1. Is it weird if I imagine Joey Tribianni's voice saying "I'll show you a hip opener?" in a totally inappropriate way?

  2. Your comment just made me laugh out loud. A real lol!