Monday, September 1, 2014

Happiness Is...Bubbles

The long weekend screamed summer with its warm temperatures and vibrant skies. We cherished every minute of it up at the cottage. In case you were wondering, here is my recipe for A Really Good Labour Day Weekend:
  • Good food. Menu highlights included; fresh berries, hot coffee, soft pita, smoked cheese, barbequed beets, homemade salsa, colourful salads and peach pie.
  • Swimming. When it's hot outside there is nothing better than diving into the cool lake.
  • A family boat regatta. We all piled into two canoes and paddled into the sunset. The sky was pink and the lake was quiet, except for the cry of the loon.
  • Campfires and late night sparklers.
  • Afternoon siestas. While Henry took a nap, I relaxed in the shade with a good book.
  • Prenatal Yoga on the cottage deck. There is nothing like practicing yoga outside.
  • Bubbles. Henry loves chasing them and popping them one by one.

Speaking of bubbles, I feel like I popped this week.

We're halfway there!

More happiness:

  • My 20-week ultrasound revealed a healthy and beautiful baby. I was also told that I do not have placenta previa this time around. The ultrasound technician was laughing because most women want to know their baby's gender, but I just wanted to know my placenta's position. What a relief! I celebrated by ordering a hypnobirthing book.  
  • New projects that involve nature and art. Something good is coming...more on that later!
  • My article Jules Hilliker: Motivating Mothers Through Fitness was published in the fall issue of Ottawa Family Living Magazine. It's on newsstands now, but you can also read the article online here.
Have a happy short work week, friends!

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