Monday, July 21, 2014

Raccoons and Birthday Cake

We went camping at Lac Philippe in Quebec for Mike's birthday. We've always had this thing where, for special occasions, we skip the big presents and celebrate by doing something...a camping, a trip to the cottage, a bbq picnic, a hockey game, theatre tickets, some sort of outing, etc. It was late when we pulled into the campground on Friday night and we quickly started a campfire to roast some kabobs for dinner.

Suddenly, we spotted movement at the end of our picnic table. A raccoon was digging through our cooler and quickly ran back into the woods with a bag of our sandwich buns! More raccoons began tumbling out of the woods and onto nearby camp sites.

     "There's a raccoon in the trunk of our van!" yelled a fellow camper.

As cute as they are, raccoons are wild animals. I grabbed Henry and headed for our tent. Meanwhile, Mike carried the cooler to the car and threw our trash in a large park container. I had a difficult time falling asleep that night because I was terrified the furry scavengers would try to chew through our tent. Our creepy nightfall was followed by a beautiful sunrise.

Thankfully, we didn't encounter anymore raccoons and we spent the rest of the weekend doing camp-ish things like hiking, swimming and roasting marshmallows. We sang "Happy Birthday" and Henry enjoyed helping his dad blow out his candles. The camping trip made our baby boy very happy, which is a birthday present in itself for Mike.

We do birthdays right! Mike's special weekend wrapped up with an impromptu pizza party at my parent's house on Sunday night followed by a game at the Orleans Bowling Centre.

Happy Birthday to the best husband and daddy in the whole world!

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  1. Every time...Henry in his maillot is so cute! Also, happy birthday Mike :)