Sunday, May 4, 2014

Happy Mama

Mother's Day is a week away and I've been thinking about how I want to follow in the great footsteps of my amazing Mimi. I aim to love as I have been loved. My mother is my kindred spirit and her beautiful heart flows kindness into our family. I am a better mother because of her.

My parents went out of town and came home to an early Mother's Day surprise this weekend. My sister and I made a chore list and spent a day cleaning their house-including the toilets.

We wanted to take the housework off Mimi's hands to give her time to relax. She returned home to a tidy house and climbed into bed with fresh, clean sheets. Her fridge was stocked with organic produce and her kitchen table was decorated with tulips.

Mimi was touched and said it was the best gift ever.

Motherhood has transformed me and gifted me happiness like no other. There are days when my heart feels like it's going to burst.


This Mother's Day, I don't want breakfast in bed, I just want Henry because he makes me so happy. He is the greatest gift and I am so grateful.

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Happy early mama's day to everyone who has ever loved a mother, snuggled a baby and wished for happiness.


  1. Hi Alyssa, Your blog is really fun and inspiring to read and your little guy is growing so fast and getting cuter and cuter every day
    Keep up all the good writings; I've told a few friends about it who themselves are young moms... Cheers, Lynn Noel

  2. Happy Mother's day!

  3. Great post! I totally agree with you on the topic of Mother's Day - wouldn't want to spend it with anyone but my little one.

  4. I honestly could squeeze Henry lol even sweeping he's adorbs. Happy mothers day xo

  5. I love the bike that Alta Vista has in their front window! #supportlocal