Thursday, May 8, 2014

A Day in the Country

Hello, Cottage. Good to see you again, friend!

My happy place is located about an hour from my house. Driving up the long dirt road to our family cottage is like a drum roll. When we arrive, we walk through a tunnel of long grass and ancient trees, through the tiny cabin and finally onto the deck overlooking the sparkling lake. We sink into Muskoka chairs and breathe in the fresh country air.

The surrounding nature nourishes my soul. Always.

Winner of the $50 Alta Vista Flowers gift certificate, generated by, is comment #1, Lynn Noel:

Hi Alyssa, Your blog is really fun and inspiring to read and your little guy is growing so fast and getting cuter and cuter every day
Keep up all the good writings; I've told a few friends about it who themselves are young moms... Cheers, Lynn Noel

Congratulations Lynn! Please send your contact info to

Have a happy weekend! Do something fun. Wear flowers in your hair. Call your mama and tell her you love her.

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