Sunday, March 30, 2014


I've been so busy lately. This week has been all about catching up, job hunting, back-to-back writing deadlines, appointments and housework. Amidst the chaos, I've had some really special times, party hopping from baptisms to weddings. My family takes celebrating love and life very seriously. We go all out, we dress up and we dance all night.

Celebrating Victor's baptism.
Since I was laid off, I find it inappropriate to frolic in new fashion for every single special occasion. I've become echo-chic like Kate Middleton (she recycles her dresses too).

A couple of happies from our week:

Easter crafts. My 15-month-old artist had no trouble painting the plaster eggs on his own and the end result is so cute.

A Spring snowfall. We decided to make the best of it and built a snowman for Henry. Warmer temperatures are expected this week and hopefully our snowman will melt into a giant puddle for Henry to splash around in.

Come on spring!

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