Friday, February 14, 2014

The Tribe

After Henry was born, we brought him "home" to Mimi's house. My mother converted my childhood bedroom into a temporary nursery for my new little family. We were only supposed to stay for two weeks, but our babymoon continued for over a month. It was a magical time because everyone was home for the holidays and there was a fresh baby in the house. My brother flew in from Halifax, my sister, Caleigh, was on Christmas break and my dad was also on vacation. Caleigh nicknamed our family the tribe because Henry was being raised by many adults, not just his parents.

Silly baby
Parenting is the toughest, but most rewarding job. It can be overwhelming and sometimes it's a struggle to find balance, but that's where the support of my tribe comes in. It's wonderful to have my mom make Henry breakfast on the mornings Mike has to go into work early or to see how excited Poppa is to buy his grandson his first pair of skates. I love the way my sister picks Henry up and smothers him with kisses or when my brother plays with him so I can make an important phone call. It's beautiful to see the special bond between my 14-month-old and his Great-Grandmother or the big smiles Henry flashes my girlfriends. We are raising Henry together. I believe by being surrounded by so much love, Henry will grow into a confident, family-oriented and happy person.

Happy Valentine's Day, friends!

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