Friday, September 6, 2013


     My hubby and I sort of invented this silly game we like to play with Henry. We place our chubby baby at one end of our bedroom and then we take off running for our bed to hide under the covers. We make a tiny peephole in our white duvet and watch as Henry scurries across the floor to our makeshift fort. We try to swallow our giggles as Henry attempts to look through the slit. He reaches his fat little hands under the blanket and when he lifts the duvet, we yell "peek-a-boo!" and Henry shrieks with joy. He can't get enough of this new game. When we met my mom for lunch at ZaZaZa's this afternoon, Henry kept lifting the cloth napkin over his eyes. I'd ask, "where's Henry?" and he would pull the serviette down. He giggled every time I said "peek-a-boo!"

Our week in review:

I finally discovered something I dislike about being a new parent! Drum roll please...


It's the biggest pain and it's not aesthetically pleasing. I loathe our new baby gate, but it had to be done.

Henry doing time in baby jail
Henry is an early bird, just like his mama. He always wakes up in a great mood and I love seeing how happy he gets when he sees me first thing in the morning. His crazy bed head makes me laugh.

In honour of back-to-school season, I bought a new carton of sidewalk chalk. We had fun decorating our sidewalk with those chubby little sticks of vibrant colour. (Henry actually had more fun eating the blue chalk and crawling all over my masterpieces.) It's true what they say, one of the best parts of having kids is being able to relive your own childhood.

Mountain climber

 Happy Friday!