Monday, September 23, 2013

Busy but Happy.

     We've been so busy lately. Our agenda has been full of fun activities; strollercise, playdates, swimming and babytime at the library. I've also enrolled Henry in a baby music class and I'm looking forward to taking him to baby gymnastics this week. I know what you're thinking, Henry is going to suffer from baby burnout. Don't worry, I schedule activities in moderation and I make sure there is plenty of empty spaces on our calendar too. I just love watching him interact with other babies and I always enjoy meeting other moms in my community.
     I've also been busy with a few new writing projects and I'm loving every minute of it. I feel so lucky because I love the work I do and I'm blessed because I get to be with my baby all day and rock the mommy thing. A longer post is coming soon, but I'm tired tonight and I just want to crawl into bed with my boys. A picture from today for now...

Henry loves his new fall hat.
Sweet dreams!

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