Monday, August 26, 2013

Happiness Is...Confetti

     I am all about celebrations. Extraordinary or just plain ordinary, special occasions are a big deal in our house. Whether it's a birthday, wedding anniversary or a first tooth, I love recognizing these sacred events in our lives. I make an effort to create memorable celebrations by dressing up, baking homemade cakes, throwing confetti, decorating with fresh flowers and writing heartfelt messages in cards.

This week we're celebrating...  
  • The bride-to-be. We skipped the naughty bachelorette party supplies and adorned our classy friend with a fresh flower crown. Kaylee is getting married on Saturday, and I will be there to celebrate as she ties the knot.
Here's a peak into what else is making me happy these days...
  • Henry's latest facial expression. It makes me laugh. On a side note, Henry is sporting the infamous Kate Gosselin hairdo in this picture.
  •  My article My Part of Town is, The Glebe was published in the fall issue of Ottawa Family Living Magazine. You can read it online here.
  • Boat building. In an effort to re-introduce boat building in the area, the Rideau Ferry Regatta hosted a "six hour canoe" competition. For $100, we got instructions on how to build the canoe, all the materials and we even got to keep the boat! 
  •  Homemade pickles. Yum!
  • Quality time with Henry's great-grandmother. We packed a picnic and took Henry to a local wading pool. I feel grandparents (and great grandparents) have so much to offer. Not only can they tell you about the good ole' days, but they teach you about compassion and empathy for the elderly.

  • Baby wearing. We started with a Maya Wrap, graduated to a Baby Bjorn, but Henry is happiest in his new Ergo.
  • Milestones. I know it's a rite of passage, but teething has been hard on little H. His first tooth finally poked through this week and I'm celebrating because my happy baby is back. It was a big week for Henry because he also started crawling. There were cheers and a couple of tears. I'm just so proud of him.
And he's off!
  • Poetry written by my great grandfather, Hubert Evans. I recently came across his book of poems "Whittlings" and was surprised to learn he started writing poetry when he was eighty-three. I'll leave you with one of my favourites.
Cherry blossom petals
wind-blown on the grass.
The wedding is over.


  1. LOL, love the Kate Gosselin hairdo! Did you make those pickles? I promised Brad I would make him pickles so I might need some pointers!

  2. I did make those pickles and I would love to help you out :)