Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Small Town Surprises

     We hit the road this week to explore the heart of Rideau Lakes. Henry recently decided he doesn't like his car seat and screams at the top of his lungs for the duration of any drive we take. Luckily, on this mini road trip to the Village of Westport, Henry actually enjoyed the ride! He just sat back, listened to his favourite Raffi CD and took in the scenery.

     Westport is located at the west end of Upper Rideau Lake on the Rideau Canal (between Ottawa & Kingston). Unique shops line the streets and beautiful flowers are found in hanging baskets and gardens throughout the village. Westport is full of colour and culture. I could have shopped all day.

     We ate lunch at The Baker's Teahouse. The veggie torte was an excellent choice, but the sauteed pear salad was my favourite. For dessert, we ordered a piece of lemon meringue pie from The Church Street Bakery. The pastry was light and the filling was fresh and lovely.

     We took our iced lattes to go and headed down to the waterfront to explore. Henry played in the grass and watched the boats come and go from the harbour.

     This small town has a feeling of charm that just can't be replicated in the big city. Play tourist for a day this summer. It's a lot of fun! Take a weekday "vacation" and explore a small town near you. Visit its local attractions, dine at local eateries, window shop and don't forget to enjoy the beauty of nature surrounding you.

The winner of the Sweet Cupcakes contest is commenter #5 (generated by, Brandie K:

I'm envious that you're able to spend your time at the lake. We sold our family cottage a while back and I miss the times we spent there (I don't miss the bugs!!) 

Congratulations, Brandie K on your win!

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Thank you, Sweet Cupcakes for making summer taste so good!


Henry in his adorable baby boy bloomers.

Happy Wednesday!

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