Friday, July 12, 2013

Pizza Picnic

     My baby boy is seven months old today and I can feel that we are in this transition period. Henry is growing out of that "newborn" phase and is becoming more independent. He's eating solid foods now, falling asleep on his own and he can sit all by himself. He's growing up so fast and I wish time would just slow down. Sometimes, when he's napping, I stop whatever I'm doing and snuggle him. I take a moment to breathe in his sweet baby breath, massage his soft chubby hands and soak up his baby goodness. Words can't describe the love I have for this boy!

Happy 7 Months Henry!
     I took Henry to Petrie Island today for his seven month photo shoot and to quickly visit my sister, Caleigh, who is the Nature Centre Manager. She runs the Junior Naturalist program and my good friend and I have plans to take our kiddos on her turtle tour next week. I'm really looking forward to it.

     At supper time, we had a spontaneous pizza picnic on the beach because my sister asked us to keep her company during her dinner break. We ate delicious wood fired pizza and watched the sunset over the Ottawa River.

Father and son.
     It was a perfect Friday night.


  1. Happy 7 months, Henry! Sounds like an awesome outing. :)

  2. It does go fast, but onto other amazing things for you to see as he grows!