Friday, May 10, 2013

Tiptoe through the Tulips

     The Tulip Festival is now underway in Ottawa. To be honest, I've never been that interested in going to the annual celebration, but this year we packed a picnic and walked over to Commissioners Park for some family-friendly fun. To my surprise, we had a wonderful time tiptoeing!

     In 1953, the tulips were given to the Canadian people as a gift for having provided safe harbour to the Dutch Royal Family during the Second World War. Today, about 300,000 tulips bloom in flower beds across the city.

     The weather was warm and the shade beneath the large trees welcomed us. We spent our afternoon watching the tourists as they admired the colourful tulips. Henry played on his quilt in the grass and squealed in delight every time the breeze ruffled his fluffy hair. He loved the freedom of being sock-less and kicked his chubby legs in glee.

The Tulip Festival runs until May 20th. A calendar of events can be viewed here.


One quickie before I sign-off...

My story Fitness with Baby in the Glebe has been published in the May issue of the Glebe Report. You can read the electronic version in the Fitness section on page 33 here.

Henry's first time on a baby swing. His expression says it all.
Happy weekend!


  1. Great work on the story! I'm glad you used the word "Glebites.' :)

    1. Thanks Sarah! How's the Ross River story coming along? Can't wait to read it!

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