Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Nothing Smore

     My shoulders relaxed the moment we arrived at the cottage. I can't put my finger on it, but there is something about this tiny cabin in the woods that allows me to breathe easy. Every time I step through the front door, happy childhood memories come flooding back. Trips to the cottage have been the highlight of my summer for the past twenty-seven years. My parents started bringing me up to the cottage before I celebrated my first birthday. That's when my love for the outdoors and my appreciation for nature began.

A huge snapping turtle we came across on an evening hike.
     Henry slept for the entire drive up to the cottage. When we arrived, he didn't fuss to get out of his car seat like he usually does. He sat back and watched as the ancient trees rustled in the wind and young squirrels chased each other from branch to branch.

     We spent the May long weekend hiking, canoeing, barbequing and swimming. Henry dipped his fat little toes into Pike Lake for the first time. His reaction surprised me because the water was cold as ice. I thought he'd instantly draw his legs out of the lake and scream, but he didn't. Henry kept his feet in the water and dug his toes into the sand.

Excited for our morning walk.
Henry ready to go canoeing.
     After our morning walks, my family would practice yoga together on the deck. When it rained, we sat inside playing Scrabble. When it was sunny, we ate picnic lunches and drank Coronas (with extra lime). At night, we sat by the campfire.

Campfire essentials.
     I would nurse Henry by the warmth of the bonfire and my husband would make the smores. They were cooked to perfection, all gooey and sweet. We joked about opening a business called "Nothing Smore". It would be like an ice cream shop, but we'd sell smores instead. Customers would choose between different types of chocolate, cookies and marshmallow colours...I think that was the Corona talking!
"Please sir, can I have some smore?"
     Our Victoria Day long weekend wrapped up with fireworks. We bought the "Royal Jewels" sparklers at Canadian Tire for three dollars. We didn't want to invest a lot of money into the display this year because we all know fireworks can be a disaster when you have a baby and a dog. To our surprise, Henry and Harry didn't get upset. My baby just smiled as he watched the fire flowers light up the dark sky. It was the perfect ending to our wonderful weekend. The cottage must have the same affect on Henry as it does on me.

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  1. Alyssa, you are a great writer! I enjoy reading your blogspot very much. You write with such vivid descriptions that it feels like I was there. Your great weekend ALMOST make me want to try to camp with the boys.. ALMOST. :)