Saturday, April 20, 2013


     After watching Taylor Swift's new music video "22", I decided I needed to have her headband. To my surprise, not one store in the city sold anything like her yellow polka dot tiara. Determined, I made a trip to my local fabric store and made the headband myself.

Step 1: Measure and cut fabric
Step 2: Sew and iron headband

Step 3: Wear fancy new headband with red lipstick!
     My mother always made my Halloween costumes for me when I was little. She would stay up late sewing my dance uniforms together and she was the expert at creating something spectacular for me to wear in the school Christmas pageant. Now that I'm a mom, I feel like it's my duty to improve my sewing skills. When Henry grows up, I think he will appreciate that his holiday ensembles were never purchased from a big box store.
     Speaking of growing up, my baby boy is now four months old. He smiles a lot and squeals in delight at things that make him happy, but I had been patiently waiting for him to laugh. Well, Henry's first giggle came the other morning when I was kissing his chubby cheeks. He let out a deep little chuckle and I was so proud because his mama was the one who made him laugh first.

My little comedian

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