Sunday, February 24, 2013

Henry's Baptism

"God smiles like a rainbow when you do".
     -Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Henry was full of smiles today, it's like he knew today was special. After his bath, I took my time as I slipped his delicate baptismal gown over his head. It was worn by my 85-year-old Nannie when she was baptized, followed by my father.

We met the priest at the entrance of the parish, where we presented Henry to the Church for baptism. His godparents promised to help us in our duty as Christian parents and we all accepted the responsibility of training Henry in the practice of the faith. We all traced the sign of the cross on his forehead before gathering together around the font. The priest anointed Henry with oils and then baptized him, pouring water upon his little head. Henry let out a cute little squeak, but my angel baby didn't cry. My favourite part of the ceremony was when we lit a candle from the burning Easter candle. It represents the light of Christ and is now entrusted to us to be kept burning brightly.

After the ceremony, we invited our family to our home for a champagne toast.

To Henry!

We all took turns snuggling the baby as we enjoyed sandwiches, salads, tea, cookies and cake.

My Great Uncle Johnny from Hollywood sent a beautiful flower arrangement for Henry's special day.

Candy Corner
Homemade Gingerbread

Henry was surrounded by love today. It was such a beautiful and happy occasion. His candle has been tucked away in a safe place and I will work to help Henry keep the flame of faith alive in his heart.

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