Monday, February 11, 2013

DIY Valentine's Day Cards

This first time mama is in full party planning mode. Valentine's Day is coming up and I couldn't be more excited! In the past my hubby and I have celebrated with a romantic adventure (like a day of snowshoeing followed by a fancy dinner). However, this year we have a newborn and I'm not ready to leave him with a sitter. So, I've decided to throw a cheesy Valentine's Day party for my family. Red confetti and heart candles will decorate the dining room table, doilies will hang from the ceiling, homemade Italian pasta will be on the menu and everyone will get a cheesy handmade gift from the baby.*

The inside of the card reads "From the bottom of my the tips of my toes!"

To make these easy Valentine's Day cards you'll need to make a trip to Michaels to buy a few craft supplies. Fill your cart with plain cards and envelopes, red paint and sweetheart stickers (those conversation hearts that have a message printed on them like "Be Mine" or "Kiss Me".) Paint a big red heart on the outside of the card. Let it dry. Then paint the bottom of your little one's tootsies and stamp them inside the heart. Print a message inside the card. Finally use the sweetheart stickers to decorate the envelope and voila! A cheap Valentine's Day gift that's sure to be a hit with grandparents.

Party planning continues tomorrow. I'm baking a cake and decorating it with every pink and red candy I can find at Bulk Barn. It's also Henry's 2 Month "Birthday". More pictures to come!

* Pinterest is a great place to find ideas (and then just add your own flair!)

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