Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Wedding Story

A good friend of mine told me to write down my wedding story while the memories are still fresh. I've been meaning to do this for months and today I feel inspired, so here we go!

On Saturday, June 11th, 2011 I woke up rested, excited and a little anxious. Instead of jumping out of bed, I propped up my pillows and closed my eyes again. After 10 minutes of meditating, the butterflies in my stomach became calm and peaceful. Turning to my sister, who had slept in my childhood bed with me, I whispered excitedly, "I'm getting married to Mike today!!!".

And off we went to the hair salon...

Kettleman's bagels were on the menu while Lizette worked on our up do's. The wedding party then raced back home to put on their faces!

The white convertible my dad got me for the day!

My friend, Andrea, was our makeup artist. A few weeks before the wedding, she took me to Sephora and helped me pick out a selection of eyeshadow, skin care products and lip glosses.

Andrea went for the natural look, using different hues of gold and brown.

I felt beautiful.

Talking to Mike

The wedding party piled into the car and we drove an hour to Perth, ON. The forecast was calling for rain, but the sun was poking through the clouds and the temperature was comfortable. We enjoyed the scenic route and the picnic my mom packed for the road trip (veggie sandwiches, chips and juice boxes).

We arrived at Code Mill's Inn in the afternoon. My mom rented a room there just so I could get changed in the air conditioning!

Excited to see my bouquet!

My beautiful bouquet!

The butterflies returned as my mother tied up my wedding dress. Having ordered it two sizes too small, I wasn't sure if it would fit. But, it did. (Thank you Jillian Michael's and your 30 Day Shred!). My dad looked sad, but proud when he told me how beautiful I looked. We practiced walking up and down the hotel room because I didn't want to trip on my gown.

When it was time to leave for the church all I could think about was Mike. I couldn't wait to see him!

We pulled up to St. Bridget's Catholic Church and we could see some late guests sneaking inside. The church is over a hundred years old and I was happy the skies were now overcast because I thought it might be too hot inside if the sun was shining. My mom kissed my cheek and she started to cry as she was escorted into the tiny church. My sister, the best maid of honour ever, fixed my dress, smiled at me and headed down the aisle. At this point I felt confident, calm and happy. But, as soon as the wedding singer started singing the line  "there is love" in the "Wedding Song" my eyes began welling up with tears. Walking down the aisle I could see Mike at the altar. He looked so handsome in his tux and I could tell he was really excited to see me. My grandmother was sitting in a wheelchair to my left with the biggest smile on her face. As I walked passed her I knew it was a blessing to have her there.

I thought the pictures of me walking down the aisle would be awful because I was crying, but when they were developed I was happy to see a really big smile on my face.

The ceremony was wonderful. The music was beautiful and Father Ruckpaul gave us a nice blessing. Saying our vows in front of 25 of our closest friends and family was really special. When it came time to "kiss the bride" my cheeks flushed pink because the priest was right there. With all eyes on us we both leaned forward, but turned our heads the wrong way!

It was funny and kind of awkward, but we made up for it outside of the church when we were taking pictures.

We traveled down the dirt road and took some more pictures at the cottage.

And then it was off to the Stone Cellar for the reception.

I loved the rustic feel of the venue.

All 25 guests sat around one long table that was decorated with beautiful flowers (and my handmade place cards!)

We all enjoyed amazing food, wine and a champagne toast!

Celebrity chef Joe of Pasticceria Gelateria Italiana baked our cake!

And it was unbelievable!

My 85-year-old Great Uncle Johnny, who travelled all the way from Hollywood for the wedding, got the party started by requesting "New York, New York".

He was so proud of himself! He kept saying "I've had two hip replacements!". When I told him I was impressed he told me I should see what he can do in his gaga boots!

"Over the Rainbow" by Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwo╩╗ole played as I danced with my dad, Mike ripped my dress as we showed off our jive moves and everybody danced to "We Speak No Americano". (Over and over again). 

The boys took a break to smoke celebratory cigars.

Meanwhile, the dance party continued upstairs...

On the ride back to the hotel everyone was talking about how much fun they had. Our cheeks were sore from laughing so much. I felt so lucky to be his MRS!

And I still do!

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  1. What a lovely wedding story! It brought back memories of my special day. I wish I had of written it down because it is definitely a blur now. Happy Anniversary guys!